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My Honest Review of Nature’s Aid Pets Dog Bath Products


Bailey decided today was the day she was going to test me. And test me she did. Today she decided to do something that she’s been doing a lot of lately. She got dirty.

But today was a different kind of dirty. Winter storm Izzy came on through last night and dumped quite a bit of rain on us. Bailey saw this as her opportunity to take several mud baths in our backyard. No one could believe how filthy she was. She looked like a little coyote just prancing around, showing off her five layers of dirt and actually thinking she was being a good girl.

Oh my sweet little Bailey Boo.

I love her so much, but all of that wet mud imbedded into her beautiful coat was too much. Yes, even I, dog lover extraordinaire, didn’t want to pet her let alone pick her up and cuddle with her. So, the burning question was what should we do about this?

It’s Bath Time

The only thing that we could do, and that was to give our pup a much needed bath. So, it seemed like a great time to break out these wonderful dog shampoo and conditioner bars I received from Nature’s Aid Pet a while back. I received them as payment for trying them out and giving an honest review about them. Things around here became quite hectic with COVID, remote learning and Bailey getting spayed. She also had some declaws removed from her back legs, and her recovery from this became a bit complicated.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out our free products and put them to the test. And let me tell you, these babies did not dissapoint.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

How cute are these? Dog shampoo bar (L) and dog conditioner bar (R)

Before today I have never used any type of shampoo and/or conditioner bars. I might be hooked now because I was amazed at how much lather these produced. I really didn’t have high hopes for any amount of lather, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The only problem I had was getting Bailey to cooperate for the actual bathing process. She howled, whimpered and whined throughout the entirety of her bath, so imagine how relieved I was when I discovered that not only do these lather well, that lather rinses out nice and quick. No prolonged bath stress for Bailey, or me.

Both of these bars smell amazing and best of all, they work! I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt that came out of her coat.

Once we got our little Miss out of the tub, we dried her off and immediately noticed how clean she was. Not to mention, she smells great too!

My daughter with Bailey before her bath. Look at how dirty she is on her belly.

Nature’s Aid Pet Soothing Gel

Later on Bailey will get her little toe beans massaged with the soothing gel we received. We used this gel on back back when she had her extra declaws removed and I swear this gel helped them heal up faster than if we hadn’t used anything at all on them. The incision sites looked a little rough and raw. She also had a hard time putting pressure on her little feet, but once we started using the gel there was a noticeable difference in how Bailey walked around.

The Final Verdict

Would I recommend Nature’s Aid Pet products to our readers?

Yes! I absolutely would. They even have products for the humans.

Soaking wet and looking defeated. You can already see how clean her coat is.

I would to thank Nature’s Aid Pet and Pupfluence for this amazing opportunity.

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