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5 Best Dog Mom Blogs That You Need To Follow In 2022

It’s technically not even Christmas, and here I am already thinking about which Dog Mom Blogs I would recommend to y’all for the upcoming year.

I feel we have been bamboozled by 2020 and 2021. I’m approaching 2022 very, VERY cautiously. I’m refusing to make resolutions and instead just focusing on setting goals, networking and hopefully making many new dog mom friends along the way.

Here are 5 Dog Mom Blogs you should be following!


Although not technically a Dog Mom Blog, they make a point of treating dogs not just as pets, but as valued family members, and for me that’s one in the same.

They discuss a variety of topics such as dog breeds and training. Here’s a post about how much sleep your dog should be getting, which I found very useful as I have two dogs with very different sleep needs.

Their site also has an Etsy Shop for printables and and Ebook bundle that’s definitely worth checking out.


I love this blog because it is an online reality-based health and wellness blog resource for dog lovers of the highest degree.

There are a ton of resources for dog health, dog mom lifestyle, Cocker Spaniels, behavior and training, and nutrition. Carol and her wife love the dogs to the moon and back, and I’m currently in tears after reading about the passing of their beloved Dexter.


This is, by far, one of my favorite dog mom blogs. Tori is awesome! Her blog is chock full of dog mom advice you can really trust!

In addition to her blog, Tori runs a podcast and has several online courses that can help you reach all of your dog momager and pupfluencer dreams.


I love this blog because, honestly, whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend obviously never had a dog (or two)!

This site covers dog mom lifestyle, shopping and DIY. There is a heavy focus on rescue, which I LOVE, and they have an awesome shop. I need to get some Troop Dog Mom gear because it’s just adorable!


This blog has everything! An adorable King Charles Cavalier named Henry and his momager who document their journey through life together AND Henry’s mom/momager is very open in sharing her pet blogging journey with their readers.

FUN FACT: Did you know that one of the dogs used in the development of the Sheltie breed was the King Charles Cavalier?

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